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Amelia M. Bowman

Design and Fine Arts

Digital Work

Kwon BoA

11″ x 14″

Made with Procreate

This is a portrait of first generation Kpop soloist BoA during the promotions for her 2003 album, “Atlantis Princess”.

Millennium Shift

8″ x 8″

Made with Photoshop

This is a playlist cover assignment for my college photoshop class. My inspiration for this was early Kpop music video visuals.

Sky Noodle

11″ x 14″

Made with procreate


This is a digital painting college assignment. The landscape is from a picture I took of Mt. Rainier.

Lake Norman

11′ x 14″

Made with Procreate


This is a painting of a family member’s boat dock in Lake Norman, North Carolina.